Allison Lee

Visual Artist


Allison Lee is an award-winning Belgian artist that permanently resides in Arizona. 

Lee started painting at 14 while attending art school. Her majors in high school were fashion and textile design. She studied visual arts in college and went on to study the audiovisual arts and animation. Her work often embodies this versatility. 

Her body of work includes paintings, mixed media illustrations and textile pieces.

Her work has been shown in several galleries all across the United States and she had her first museum piece, in the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles in 2019. She's been very active in the online “quarantine art – movement” during 2020, when her work was exhibited in several online exhibits from galleries and museums across the globe.

She won her first award in 2021 from the RCWA in PA while she continues to strife for equality and justice in the world today. 

Artist Statement

I made it my life's mission to be a voice that brings difficult subjects and taboos out in the open. I want to be an inspiration to people who are struggling with inequality and the difficulties in life. This is something I am infinitely familiar with, by being a woman myself and escaping an abusive marriage.

My pieces are both seductive and repulsive, filled with symbolism and hidden layers. As unsolvable mysteries they trigger your buried away, subconscious passions and emotions. My art, as eldritch images you can’t escape. Nostalgic, melancholic memories that are popping up in a dream state. My work invites you to stand still and wonder but leaves you with an unnerving sense of urgency.

It inspires you to not forget about past challenges, and be appreciative of them in a way, no matter what you've been through. Seeing the beauty in the more challenging times, because it makes us to who we are today, and reminds us of our personal power. Our past, however, doesn't define us. We can change our life for the better, and while we are at it, we can continue to strife for our society to change as well.